What the hay?!

Someone needs to go back to high school science and pay ATTENTION…

And speaking of hay, EIGHT MONTHS[in weekends] FOR NEGLECTING HORSES?????!!!!!!!!!











Urge to use choice words rising… must find an actual punching bag.

Magic is Around Us- a poem for a bad day

Magic is around us,

hear me out with out a fuss.

My heart must not cry out,

but I’m so frustrated; enough to shout.

Magic is abound,

not by law, person or sound;

but by love, friendship and hope,

the things that help us cope.

But when one fails,

everyone turns tails.

And everyone falls to chaos,

like swimming in pools of mayos.

yeah. Random and probably  smells like Banthas. Blame Discord.

When the Heart longs for a place far away….

I found myself remembering a little market town in Buckinghamshire called Olney today. Memories of Gingerbread men from Oliver Adams bakers [they were REALLY good] to wandering around inside the Derby House Saddlery and a visit to Teapots [a wonderful spot] to wandering the bridle path following the impressions of horse shoes in the mud… it’s those memories begging for a revisit. If not to relish in the warmth of the moments that make me tear up at being so far away, or even to recall the three snails that I counted as pets [they still count in my opinion], bringing the courtyard flora back to health or even still the crows that made a nest in the chimney[we only found one alive]. Even the distinct memory of the faucet over the kitchen sink turning on by itself provides a sense of security because I knew that whoever was still there was not going to hurt me.

I wish I could go back there even for a little while….

Writing, music and established Cannon characters who won’t shut up.

Sometimes I can deal with characters when they start talking. But right, now I feel like Starlord, a Marvel character; is not shutting up. He keeps making me listen to ‘Hooked on a feeling’ and I’m ready to mentally hit him.

While I’m on the subject of Music, it generally helps me write my stories… I will even put together a playlist of songs for general writing music or if a character of mine asks for it, a personal one. This is all a part of my way of carefully writing stories with love….That and occasionally a pumpkin spice cappuccino.